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simone rocha a/w14 photographed by lea colombo for dazeddigital.

simone rocha a/w14 photographed by lea colombo for dazeddigital.

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Perched on the banks of a lake near the Rajasthani village in Raipur, India, the ‘Lakshman Sagar Resort’ designed by New Dehli-based studio Sahil & Sarthak utilizes local and sustainable materials. The main objective of the project was to identify artisan skills from the traditional ‘Jajmani’ system, reinterpreting and improvising these methods for its construction. The neighboring community is very self sufficient as a vast majority of people make a living from crafting everyday objects, farming tools and household utensils. Successfully bringing together various workers, who would otherwise operate in isolation, resulted in an amalgamation of different techniques applied throughout the resort.

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Studio Makkink & Bey Envisions nomadic interiors for the future. The TextielMuseum in the Netherlands takes a look at one hundred years of textiles in Dutch interiors with ‘Living Spaces’. The exhibition traces the production and usage of fabric in the Netherlands over the course of the last century, presenting conceptual rooms that offer a survey of the trends and fashions in textiles employed in Dutch households over periods of 10 to 20 years.

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